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Video poker history and basic game play

Video Poker is a relatively new game when held again other casino games. Since the invention of microprocessors and their ability to be imbedded into a tv like monitor, Video Poker has become a well liked and popular casino game in many of the world's casinos. Today you'll find many different types of Video Poker being offered to wager on. However the fundamental history is the same. Without microprocessors Video Poker would not be in existence.

Video Poker Game Styles:

Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, American, Deuces & Jokers, Double Deluxe, Double Double Poker, Aces & Faces, Sevens Wild, Eight's & Aces and the list of variations goes on.

Video Poker Game Play:

The object of any type of game is to form the best possible poker hand. Obviously this depends on the style of Video Poker you are playing. However, in 99% of cases this would be the highly sought Royal Flush.

Video Poker Strategy Basics

Video poker machines are programmed to pay-out close to 100% when players play at the expert level. Playing video poker is easy. Once you've placed your bet, one to five coins, you get your initial five cards dealt. From the five cards dealt you determine which, if any, you wish to retain. After selecting the cards you wish to keep, you draw to obtain your final hand. Once all your cards have been dealt the video poker machine will recognize the ranking of your final hand value and pay you accordingly.

Microgaming Video Poker

Microgaming software has an inbuilt strategy engine. The software, known as viper, is preprogrammed to select the mathematically correct cards to hold and to suggest these to the player. This means you can put the computer on auto play and play each hand optimally. If you are really lucky, you will be dealt a Royal Flush early in the game and be able to cash out some really decent winnings. It is important to note that the games are slightly geared in the casinos favor and that no matter what, the long term result will be that the casino wins.

Feeling lucky? The probabilities of getting a big video poker payout

If you are convinced that today is your lucky day, then of course you could be a winner if you are correct about your luck. Here are the hand probabilities of being dealt a winning hand:

Hand You win once in every X number of hands
Royal Flush 40,165
Straight Flush 9,610
Four of a Kind 423
Full House 87
Flush 92
Straight 90
Three of a Kind 13
Two Pairs 8
High Pair 4.6
Non-winners 54% of hands

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